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HP Quick Forms
Commented: HP Quick Forms

Same here, notebook paper printing landscape, graph paper still OK.


Incidentally, even when the notebook paper was printing correctly it wasn't filling the entire page, but had a grey border at the top and bottom, which is tacky. The graph paper, on the other hand, is a work of art. Maybe fix the notebook paper so it fills the entire page like real notebook paper?

Commented: Welcome to the growing world of print apps

An app to automatically order new cartridges when they run low (with free shipping, of course) would be awesome. Of course, if HP does this, I wouldn't mind receiving royalties :D

Commented: Welcome to the growing world of print apps

Yes, please give us some app (or update, or whatever) to allow duplex printing. My old Canon printer from 2002 supported manual duplex printing at the driver level, but my brand new OfficeJet 6500A requires you to painstakingly print odd pages front-to-back then even pages back-to-front every single time, which makes the printer that much less useful. At least add manual duplex to the Windows driver! You're only 8 years behind the competition HP!