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Question: How can I tell when there is new stuff added to an existing print app?

Using print apps is one of the things I like most about my web-connected printer and after talking with so many of you over the past several months, I’ve discovered that you enjoy them too. However, I discovered that some people aren’t aware that we’re not only adding new print apps regularly, but we’re also refreshing content within the apps as well.

So here’s the good news. It’s simple to check to see if there are new apps and new content.

To find new print apps:

To find new content in print apps you already have:

Glowing print app icon

Whether you have a touchscreen or non-touchscreen model, take a close look at the print app icons. Some of the icons may have a blue “halo” around them. This indicates new content has been refreshed since the last time you or someone in your household launched the app. This is how I figured out the AOL Kids print app, MapQuest print app, and Disney print app had new content waiting for me (and by the way, Disney’s new Toy Story 3 printable content made one of my Buzz Lightyear-loving sons VERY happy – there are lots of new coloring pages!).

Hope these tips help you get even more from your printer.

posted by LizatHP, Aug. 15, 2010 (7 comments)
hpws$17096068026 (March 26, 2011)

The printer, eprint and webapps are great.

brndstepp (March 2, 2011)

brndstepp (Mar. 2, 2011)  I have only had this printer for a few days, but I am so very excited about it; I simply love it.  I have a family member who has the same one that I have;  and he loves all of the features as well.

Jsamuel (Jan. 27, 2011)

I am trying to find out why my HP photosmart Essentials does not work.

I have tons of pictures to put in there.

outbackrb (Jan. 11, 2011)

I sent an email to my new email address for my NEW printer, and I have not received it!  Is there somewhere I go to get it?  Or wouldn't it print out on its own?

MissScarlet (Jan. 2, 2011)

Sorry but I have the Touch Screen and all it tells me is to go online to hpeprintcenter.com.  I do not know how to add a new print app.  Please help.



Rickyz (Dec. 29, 2010)

thats cool....

Gator62 (Nov. 29, 2010)

This going to so fun to do and try get help and tips on how to .                                           ''Thank's Very Much''