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Never run out of stamps again!


Why wait in line at the post office, or make a special trip just for stamps, when you can print them yourself? With the Stamps.com print app and an HP Web-connected printer you can print postage stamps right at home.1







Benefits of printing your own stamps

  • Dependability: Never postpone sending important mail because you realize you’re out of stamps. 
  • Convenience: Avoid long lines and special trips to the post office.
  • Selection: Choose from a variety of stamp designs.
  • Extras: Upgrade to Stamps.com Pro for more designs, features, and postage options.

How does it work? 

  1. Visit www.stamps.com/hp and create your account.
  2. Next, on your printer, connect to your account via the Stamps.com print app.
  3. Select from a variety of unique stamp designs.
  4. Load your labels and press print.* In seconds, you'll have your own sheet of 24,1oz First Class postage stamps. 

Visit www.stamps.com/hp now to get started!


* Customers must purchase specialty stamp paper online (5 sheets of 24 stamps for $5.49). No monthly fee for the service.  Simply pay the price of standard postage.


1 Web services such as ePrint and print apps require an Internet connection to the printer. Features work with any connected Internet- and email-capable device. Print times may vary. Some HP LaserJets may require a firmware upgrade. For a list of supported documents and image types, see www.hp.com/go/eprintcenter. And for additional solutions, see www.hp.com/go/mobile-printing-solutions.



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