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What makes you geek out?


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From cooking to crossword puzzles, HP has print apps to fit a wide range of interests.1


And, each of the apps featured below offer scheduled delivery, which means you can receive your content automatically through your printer whenever you choose.* That’s right, no missed news reports, recipes, puzzles, or exercise tips (there’s no need for your geek-out to turn into a freak-out).




Numbers and letters are your game, and strategy is your name. You love using your mind to solve a problem, though your toughest dilemma is usually whether to play Sudoku or do a crossword puzzle. 



Games & Puzzles Daily

From crosswords and cryptograms to anagrams and Sudoku, this print app provides games and puzzles for every taste!


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword

This entertaining daily crossword offers a mixture of vocabulary and cultural clues, plus humor and wordplay.  


Daily Sudoku

Mastered the classic Sudoku puzzle? Expand your repertoire with this versatile print app that offers daily doses of Universal Sudoku, Sudoku X, and Hidato.



Websites, magazines, the paper—you’ll take your information anyway you can. Whether it’s current events, local news, or the latest tech trends, you want to know everything, everywhere, all the time. Explore these informative print apps and get the news you love, just how you want it! 



Bring this world-class newsroom right to your printer. Enjoy instant access to news updates and engaging features from top journalists.


TimesDigest Weekend

Delivers The New York Times' top stories in a comprehensive multi-page summary available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


The Daily Read

The latest news briefs from the Associated Press, in the categories of your choosing. A quick, convenient way to stay informed.  




You enjoy exercising, appreciate—and use—sunscreen, and actually like to eat your vegetables. Use these print apps to help you on your quest for health and wellness. 



Medical Edge From the Mayo Clinic

Discover the latest medical thinking from the Mayo Clinic's team of highly specialized physicians and clinicians.


Good Housekeeping Reports

In addition to providing advice on everyday challenges, this printable offers health news and updates for you and your family. 



You plan meals in your sleep, your dinner parties are infamous, and your shelves are filled with cookbooks. You’re a gourmand and you’re proud! Check out these three food-focused print apps for inspiration, recipe resources, and more: 



Save time by finding a week's worth of flavorful meals at the touch of a button. These recipes are economical, delicious, and easy to make. 


In this weekly column you’ll find inspiration and exclusive tips for making great cooking easier than you ever imagined!



1 Web services such as ePrint and print apps require an Internet connection to the printer. Features work with any connected Internet- and email-capable device. Print times may vary. Some HP LaserJets may require a firmware upgrade. For a list of supported documents and image types, see www.hp.com/go/eprintcenter. And for additional solutions, see www.hp.com/go/mobile-printing-solutions.


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