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Savings Center: Unlock the future of savings



Introducing Savings Center, the easy way to save on everything from groceries, packaged goods, dining, and general retail items, to local services and exceptional offers from leading brands.









SC2Savings Center cuts through the clutter to help you find offers based on your preferences, saving you time and money. And that’s not all—Savings Center becomes smarter at finding savings that matter to you with each offer you clip.

Here are just a few benefits offered by this innovative new service:




·  Browse offers that are tailored to your shopping habits, who you are, and where you live.

·  Collect everyday and brand name value offers via a one-stop source for savings.

·  Print your offers without special software downloads.

·  Access offers directly from your web-connected printer using the Savings Center print app—no PC needed*


Start saving now by clicking on the Savings tab in ePrintCenter. Then, just follow the steps below and see the savings stack up in no time!

1. Sign in using your ePrintCenter account login information, or create a new account.
2. Set up your preferences for categories including For you, For fun, For your office, and For your home. You can further personalize your experience by selecting your gender and age, and indicating any household members you may shop for—including pets.

3. Save your settings and then start saving! Browse your offers, clipping the offers you want and skipping the ones you don’t. 

When you’re ready, simply click on Print Clipped Offers to send your offers straight to your printer and start saving.

Start saving now!



*Only available on select HP Print Apps and web-connected printers.  



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