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Prep for taxes with the Shoeboxed.com app


Keeping business expenses organized throughout the year can help eliminate some of the anxiety associated with an impending tax season. Get a head start this year by using a new print app that allows you to quickly scan and organize your receipts.


The Shoeboxed.comprint app is an easy way to track expenses and create an accessible archive of receipts:


1.    Scan receipts on your HP Web-connected printer.

2.    The app will then extract, verify, and organize your data—which will be accessible online via your Shoeboxed account and stored indefinitely.

3.    Easily send the data directly to bookkeeping and accounting software tools.


You can export information from Shoeboxed.com into programs such as:


·     Excel

·     QuickBooks

·     FreshBooks

·     Outright.com

·     Xero.com


Add the Shoeboxed.com app to your printer now! 


posted by ePC_News, Jan. 31, 2012 (0 comments)