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Behind the scenes with Disney and HP

Disney APpWhen HP first decided to deliver printable content via their web-connected printers, Disney was one of the first companies to jump onboard. In celebration of this partnership recently reaching its two-year anniversary, we spoke toDisney’s Sunita Surajan and Greg Hayes about the process of bringing content to families worldwide through the Disney print app.1 For starters, we asked how the collaboration even began. Greg, a business development executive, said the partnership stemmed from “the idea of making print a more organic part of the entertainment experience.”


With so many popular Disney movies, television shows, and characters, it seems like a difficult task to decide which ones are featured on the Disney print app. That’s where Sunita, Disney’s HP campaign supervisor, comes in. In addition to looking at popular trends on Disney.com, Sunita makes sure that content for the app matches up with the new releases from Disney. For example, if a Phineas and Ferb movie was coming out, you could count on fresh Phineas and Ferb print projects being available on the Disney print app around the same time. Though, Sunita’s not just looking at what’s popular right now, and works hard to ensure there’s content for what’s new as well. In fact, you can expect the Disney print app to soon feature printables inspired by the upcoming film, The Muppets.


When asked what their favorite Disney app printables were, Sunita enthusiastically responded that it was print projects from the recent Tron film, and added that the printables “reflect the movie really, really well.” As for Greg, his preference is for Jake and the Never Land Pirates coloring pages. “We’ve got a preschooler at home,” Greg explained, “and we use it [the app] quite frequently to keep her busy and happy.” In fact, the most popular type of printable on the Disney print app is coloring pages, “hands down.”


With two years now under their belt, we asked Sunita and Greg to reveal any surprises or discoveries they’ve encountered during their collaboration with HP. Greg seemed to aptly sum up the need for and the value of this partnership with his answer: “[I’ve realized] how much untapped demand there is for tangible, printable material, especially for moms and preschoolers…that’s been a great uplift in terms of being able to really offer something more, so they can take some of the magic into the real world.”


1 Web services such as ePrint and print apps require an Internet connection to the printer. Features work with any connected Internet- and email-capable device. Print times may vary. Some HP LaserJets may require a firmware upgrade. For a list of supported documents and image types, see www.hp.com/go/eprintcenter. And for additional solutions, see www.hp.com/go/mobile-printing-solutions


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