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Selecting your printer's custom e-mail address

Until now, everyone with an ePrint-enabled HP printer has had to memorize a pretty complicated 12-character, randomly generated e-mail address. But now you have the option to claim your name (or your business' name) and pick your own personalized ePrint address.

Here's how:

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your HP ePrintCenter account, and then press the Change button next to your existing ePrint e-mail address. 
  2. Type in a personalized e-mail address of your creation and press Check to see if that address is already taken.
  3. Press the Save button to save your new e-mail address—that's it! This might also be a good time to review your ePrint settings, including permitted senders and print options.

Custom ePrint address

Here are a few things to keep in mind when customizing your ePrint address:

  • Since your printer address will be much easier to remember, you may want to revisit the security settings and create an "allowed senders" list—which you can also do right here at the ePrintCenter.
  • If you're creating an address for professional purposes, remember to: keep it simple, try to incorporate your name, and skip anything too personal (I'm talking to you, weekendpuppeteer@net.com)
  • Take full advantage of your new customized address—consider adding it to your e-mail auto signature, using it to sign up for e-newsletters (your reading material will be waiting for you in the output tray!), and giving it out to friends and family.
  • Visit the ePrint Help & Tips page and click on the Getting Started tab to learn more about customizing your ePrint e-mail address.

So be sure to claim your desired ePrint address before it's taken! Sorry, folks, I'm pretty sure that myprinter@hpeprint.com was probably the first to go.

posted by LizatHP, Sept. 9, 2011 (0 comments)