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ePrint and the Road Warrior

Road Warrior ePrintYou see them everywhere—they are skilled at the art of hailing taxis, can handle a rolly suitcase and a smartphone with the greatest of ease, and could get through airport security with their eyes closed. They are the ultra-commuters; they are the Road Warriors. And now, there's a new way for them to stay in touch with their loved ones while on the go: HP ePrint.

John O., chief technology officer for a large systems manage service, is one busy Road Warrior—or perhaps more accurately, Sky Warrior. John flies weekly to his LA office, monthly to London, and makes the long trek to West Africa about seven times a year.

So, how does he stay connected to his family while traveling? As John explains, he enjoys sending photos of where he is back home to his kids, "Last Saturday I happened to be at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and I remembered that my son wanted me to take photographs if I ever got out there." He took some shots of the park’s beautiful old growth forests and rock formations and used ePrint to send the photos home to his son. And since the family's ePrint-enabled printer (an HP Photosmart eStation) is in the kids' room, they always have instant access to their dad's special deliveries. "When they get home from school, they can just walk up to the printer and see that there's a new photograph waiting for them."

When he's not using HP ePrint to keep in touch with his family, John is using it to stay productive while working on the go. He can take advantage of ePrint to send out quotes or documents to clients wherever he is—even if it's on a plane. "I'm no longer limited by location," John says. "The world has basically become my oyster. I can send a document anywhere, whenever I want."

And, HP ePrint isn't just for Road Warriors. Busy moms, teachers, and many others use this mobile printing technology to stay productive, simplify communications, and save time on last-minute tasks.

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posted by LizatHP, Sept. 19, 2011 (0 comments)