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“Scheduled Delivery” in demand on D110a models

It’s like getting a free print subscription right from your printer!


What are Scheduled Delivery apps?

Scheduled Delivery apps are free printer apps that bring you the info you want, on your schedule!* Get handy tips, news, business info, recipes, kids’ activities, puzzles, comics, and more— helping you manage your busy life as well as save time and money. And the best part? Your free content is delivered directly to your printer so it’s ready and waiting for you.




SC1Where can I find these apps?

You can browse the entire collection of print apps on the ePrintCenter Apps home page. Each Scheduled Delivery app has a small clock beneath its print app icon. To view all of these apps in one place, click the Show Scheduled Delivery Apps only box at the top of the page.





SC1How do I set up my deliveries?

Setup options may be a little different depending on the app, but for most Scheduled Delivery apps, you’ll follow these steps on ePrintCenter:







1. Once you’ve found a Scheduled Delivery app you’d like to add to your printer, select the app and click the Add to Printer button.

2. Next, click on Setup to customize your delivery.

3. Choose the day (or days) you want to receive your print subscription.

4. Select your time zone and then the time you want to receive your printout.

5. To complete your subscription, select Apps on your printer’s control panel, find your app, and select Print.


SC1Pausing your Scheduled Delivery

Going on vacation? No worries! You can easily pause (and resume) your subscription directly from your printer’s control panel. Simply select Apps, find your app, and then press Pause or Resume.


The selection of free Scheduled Delivery apps is always growing. Check them all out now!



Watch this video on scheduled delivery now!


* Scheduled delivery functionality is available on select HP Print Apps and web-connected printers.

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This is the initial horsing around on the home priintter

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Great news! That is what i need.

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Good news