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Travel Guides by ArrivalGuides.com

Travel Guides by ArrivalGuides.com

Travel Guides by ArrivalGuides.com

Powered by Travel Guides by ArrivalGuides.com

Practical and informative city guides to places all around the world. Learn about hotels, exchange rates, places to dine or shop, and much more.

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EricAtHP (May 25, 2011)

We don't design more apps for the more expensive printers!  One reason that not print apps are available for all printers is that the hardware that print apps utilize can vary from printer to printer.  I appreciate your interest in ArrivalGuides and it IS a pretty cool print app.  I recommend you let the developers know that you want this print app for your specific printer!

hpws$5706613023 (May 19, 2011)

Why is every app that I look into is "not available for this printer"?  I paid a lot for my printer and it seems that nothing works on it.  What gives? 

EricAtHP (Dec. 20, 2010)

Grimrod42, if you're having issues, the best place to report them is the ePrint & Print Apps support forum!  They'll get you up and running in no time!

Grimrod42 (Dec. 18, 2010)

this doesn't print anything for me,  tries and then fails

Ozette (Dec. 7, 2010)

Really useful information!

zeus53 (Nov. 15, 2010)

it looks good